Taking Supplemental Calcium With OsteoPhase


Should an additional calcium supplement be taken with OsteoPhase? I have osteoporosis and will be taking 6 capsules of OsteoPhase a day as recommended on this website. I don’t want to have too high a calcium level in my blood either.

Thanks for your response.

A. V.


  1. Dear A.V.,

    If you take 6 capsules a day of OsteoPhase you will receive about 250 mg. of supplemental calcium. The main function of OsteoPhase, however, is not to provide calcium, but to help your body properly regulate how it uses calcium. In the case of osteoporosis, the body is no longer properly regulating calcium, and an increasing amount of research is now being directed towards determining where supplemental calcium actually goes after ingestion.

    At the dose you are taking, OsteoPhase should be able to assist the body in directing up to 600 mg. of additional calcium to the right places for maintaining normal functional activities – i.e., rebuilding bone tissues, regulating muscle contraction and relaxation, and any of thousands of vital internal physiological actions regulated by calcium. You should not have elevated blood calcium levels if you are taking the OsteoPhase.

    You may want to review your T-scores for your total hip and lumbar spine. These scores and other risk factors can aid your health care provider in determining how much OsteoPhase you can take.

    With regards.
    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    VP of Product Development

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