Teacher Pleased With ImmunoPhase


I am a teacher at Mt. San Jacinto College in southern California. For the first two years of teaching I had sinus and upper respiratory issues each year. I found out about ImmunoPhase from Health Sciences Institute and started taking it whenever I would get sinus and upper respiratory issues.

I have not missed any school since starting this regimen 2 yrs. ago, except the time I ran out of ImmunoPhase and waited 2 days for a fresh supply.

Even after starting ImmunoPhase later than I should have, my issues were much milder. My wife takes one capsule when she feels she needs it and has not had any seasonal sinus and upper respiratory issues for 2 years.

Thanks for such a powerful alternative for maintaining a healthy immune system in the face of sinus and upper respiratory issues.

Wayne Sondreal, one satisfied customer.

P.S. 60 tablets is like 3 containers of Airborne, which would cost about the same, but ImmunoPhase works way, way, way better!

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