Herbal Boost For Mental And Physical Support


I have used your products for a number of years and have had excellent results. I consider Tango products to be one of the finest and purest lines around, and I decided to purchase some Herbal Boost to promote my husband’s mental and physical health.

I never imagined just how well the Herbal Boost would work. We stopped all other protocols and only used the Herbal Boost. Within two weeks, he was peppy and revived. It was a miracle, like seeing a puppet at rest and then the strings are pulled to bring the puppet to life. That was how my husband responded to Herbal Boost.

We now use both the Herbal Boost, when needed, and the Vital Cell for maintenance. I thank your company for providing these fine products to individuals who are averse to using the slash and burn procedures used in most doctors offices. Hopefully, your products will be available for many, many years to come.


Ruth H.

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