Herbal Boost Resolves Pain Following Heart Surgery


I am a 62-year-old male with advanced coronary artery disease. Unfortunately I have very high calcium deposits in my coronary arteries and upon reading about your products 18 months ago, I began a taking Vital Cell daily.

Although I had never experienced any angina or shortness of breath, in June of this year I decided to have a 64 CT Slice heart scan to determine the advancement of the calcium deposits in my coronary arteries. It was determined that I had significant enough blockage in my LAD artery to have an angiogram performed. During this procedure, it was determined that I needed the placement of three stents to correct an 80% blockage to open up that artery and a few days after the procedure I was sent home.

Because of the current technology regarding medicated stents, it is necessary to take aspirin and plavix once a day for at least a year to make certain that blockage and clotting does not occur in the new stents. I stopped taking all herbs and started the new pharmaceutical regime.

However, immediately after the surgery I experienced a dry cough and fleeting pain and odd sensations in the middle of my chest, yet I did not have any problem with shortness of breath during exercise. These symptoms persisted for almost 90 days before I decided to go to your website, as I do periodically, and I read your announcement regarding the Herbal Boost recovery formula. I proceeded to order three bottles and, upon receipt, began taking 4 capsules a day (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening). After using Herbal Boost for only three days my cough cleared up and all sensations of pain disappeared.

My thanks to you and your team for this fine product.

Mark M.

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