Customer Surprised With AllerPhase® And ImmunoPhase®


February 12, 2010

I first heard about AllerPhase and ImmunoPhase through my dentist. I bought the products with much speculation, basically to shut him up. I had the product in my cabinet for about 2 months and had not taken any of them. I have struggled with seasonal issues associated with molds and cedar pollen for 42 years.

I was raking and blowing some wet oak leaves last Saturday and that night I could tell that the mold in the leaves was bothering me. I should mention that the mold count in the area was very high due to the rains we have had over the past several weeks. I got slowly worse Sunday and by Monday night my nasal passages were completely blocked and I was using a tissue about every minute to blow my nose. I missed work Tuesday and Wednesday and grew concerned that I was not getting any better, and actually felt worse. I had been taking three leading OTC products since Tuesday morning.

I remembered that I had AllerPhase and ImmunoPhase and decided to try them. I have to say that my results are probably not typical, because if they are, you guys would be rich beyond imagination. I took two AllerPhase and two ImmunoPhase and within 4 hours all of my sneezing, post nasal drip, grogginess, and stuffiness was almost gone. I took two more when I went to bed, and another two this morning, and I have never felt better.

Perhaps I had something that was causing my symptoms and maybe I was getting over the problem before I took your product, I honestly don’t know. However, I am sold on AllerPhase and ImmunoPhase and plan to start taking them during the seasons when my mold and cedar pollen issues appear.



  1. Was taking ALLERPHASE for my allergies and it was working. after taking about 20 pills,
    my tongue had a metalic taste?? is this normal??

  2. Jerry, we reviewed your question when you called the Tango product line at 1-866-778-2646 ext 2. As I indicated to you a small percentage of people develop unusual tastes after ingesting herbal formulas, including a metallic taste. The taste always goes away after stopping use of the formula. Sometimes this is enough to cause people to discontinue a formula that is proving beneficial. So, the important thing is to figure out a way to use the herbs regularly. One way is to see if a smaller or less frequent dose provides the desired results without the metallic taste. Another suggestion is to drink lots of liquids, and to frequently brush teeth, gums and tongue with a solution of bicarbonate of soda – 1/4 tsp mixed in 8 ounces of water.

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