FloControl® User Pleased With Greater Control


After 6 years of dealing with my bladder control issues, including 24/7 therapy, surgery and anticholinergic drugs, I was interested when I read about FloControl in HSI. I wanted to try something that would allow me to get off of drugs, if I could. The drugs help a little bit, but not completely.

I decided to give your FloControl formula a chance. In order to see if the formula could help me I stopped taking my drugs completely. After only 3 days of taking FloControl I noticed a big change. I now consider this formula a near miracle.

I am about 3/4’s through my first bottle and I am 100% better. I no longer need to take my old bladder control drugs.

I’m still having trouble completely trusting my bladder and going without protection, but I am ordering my second bottle of FloControl with supreme confidence. Thank you so much for offering this product.

Frances S.

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