ArthriPhase Helps Client With Joint And Cartilage Issues


I read about an older lady who started to walk again after she started taking ArthriPhase. Before taking ArthriPhase she couldn’t straighten her elbow out, but afterwards she was able to use her arm again. She was about 85 years old. That really got my attention and that is why I started using ArthriPhase.

I had some health-related issues. My joints were bone-to-bone. I also have some slipped discs, that caused lots of pain. I also can’t stand for very long. The feeling has spread from my feet up to my elbow. I feel like joint problems have taken over my body. I used to take pain medication every day, to deal with the pain throughout my body.

To get out of bed, I used to have to swing my feet and legs out to just get up. I couldn’t use my hands for anything; I couldn’t open a jar because my fingers would not meet. I couldn’t button my clothes, or open a bottle or write a letter. I needed one of those special large pens to write with.

When I started taking ArthriPhase, I noticed many changes. I first noticed it in my feet. The pain was almost gone! I had a car accident in the past that made it where couldn’t turn my head without pain. Now I can turn my head freely.

Before, I needed to have someone help take care of me. But now with ArthriPhase, I can take care of myself, including cooking for myself. ArthriPhase has allowed me to become independent again. The less medication I’m on now, the better I feel overall. I feel like it’s helped my whole body. It helps me sleep better, too.

I forgot to order ArthriPhase recently, and then I noticed all my old pains were coming back after only five days! It got to where I couldn’t hardly walk anymore, just like before. I had to limp again on one foot, and on one knee, which was very painful.

Now I’m going to keep taking ArthriPhase for the rest of my life because it is great. With ArthriPhase, I don’t limp anymore. When you’re in pain throughout your body, it affects the whole system. My inside feels so much better now.

I couldn’t get around the house without a walker, either. Now the walker stays in the car, as I no longer need it anymore. That is how much ArthriPhase has helped me. I know it’s hard to believe this because it’s too good to be true, but it is.

P.F. Nettle


  1. can this product help someone with reumatoid arthritis? what else would you suggest to decrease inflamation and pain?
    thank you

  2. Dear Christine,

    ArthriPhase is very effective for supporting joint health. It can be a very useful contributor to your health condition. If you go to this website —
    and type in the word arthritis in the search engine, you will find several useful articles about
    the ingredients in the supplement.

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