ImmunoPhase® Experience Proves Compelling


I was with a group of 10 salesmen attending a sales meeting in South Beach, Florida, about two years ago. The air was very humid–perfect conditions for growing mold, especially airborne mold. As we found out, the place was infested with airborne mold and we soon started noticing it as people were starting to feel sick: headaches, nausea, mainly flu-like symptoms.

I had some ImmunoPhase with me at the time, so I shared what I had with 6 of the 10 people in my group. I gave each person 6 capsules over a two day period, which is all I had in the bottle. They all immediately started to feel better. All 6 people I gave ImmunoPhase to felt fine, and so did I, and we did not get sick. However, the other 4 salesmen who didn’t take ImmunoPhase were all sick for over a week. After observing this first hand I was sold.

I take ImmunoPhase with me all the time now, especially when I’m traveling on airlines where the air is recycled. I also give it to my family whenever they start feeling bad, and it nips it in the bud in a day almost 100 percent of the time.

J. Johnson

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