Customer Grateful After Taking Vital Cell


I was sure that I was going to die with congestive heart failure, when I started taking Vital Cell. Within about 10 to 14 days I was a different person. My beautiful wife was stunned at the quick turn around. I am just through my first bottle,  have added CardioPhase,  and the heart arrhythmia attacks are getting further apart. I think I may take an extra 2 a day now. I am so very grateful to your team.

As an aside, I also have nyphrotic syndrome and I take cyclosporin, and prednisone to knock out the immune system. I would be interested in a product that would not adversely affect those drugs, or interfere with the drug regime. There is of course an edema badly in the legs and feet. Any ideas, please? I am very very active and enjoy life when these problems don’t hold me down.

Very kind regards,

Allen D.


  1. Dear Allan,

    Our best recommendation for you is to continue taking Vital Cell and CardioPhase.

    Both formulas have herbs that help support proper kidney function and blood protein regulation.

    And of course, both support heart health, which should benefit your legs the longer
    you take both products.

    A good dose is to take 1 capsule of each, 4 times per day to give you a steady supply of their nutrients throughout the day.

    However, you should also schedule your supplement use so that you take the herbs at least 2 hours away from any medicines/drugs that you are taking in order to reduce possible interactions.

    With regards,

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    VP of Product Development
    Tango Advanced Nutrition

  2. Hello,
    I am a Tango customer and take Vital Cell.
    However, I mostly want to introduce my Mum to the product as I am sure it will do her a world of good. She is 72, suffers from high blood pressure ( on medication ), obesity, is pre-diabetic, has had several DVT’s over the last 8 years, and, to cap it off, is on rat poison ( warfarin ). She has developed dementia ( rapidly ) over the last 2 years; I believe a haematologist said that she had suffered several mini strokes over the years.
    I am introducing her to proteolytic enzymes ( particularly nattokinase ) to control the clotting problem, plus some other herbal products ( recommended by Health Sciences Institute ) to address the blood pressure, C-reactive protein, and blood sugar. These products are also being used to try and get her off warfarin totally; some of them also thin the blood ( e.g jiaogulan ).
    We ( my sister and I ) have finally found a Dr who is prepared to work with us to try and help Mum get off the warfarin. The Dr actually recognised some of the ingredients in Vital Cell when I showed it to her.
    I really want Mum to try Vital Cell, but I noted your warning about not mixing it with warfarin. Is the reason for not recommending taking Vital Cell with warfarin because of the potential ( additional ) blood thinning effect of the Vital Cell, or is there another contra-indication ?
    Peter C

  3. Dear Peter,
    Your goal to get your Mum off of coumadin/warfarin is important. And it is very necessary that you do so only with the support of your doctor as your mother’s health circumstance is complicated. Ongoing testing is important to make sure that the effects of coumadin stay within a narrow range in order for it not to cause dangerous side effects, most notably excess bleeding. The herbs in Vital Cell have not been studied for their interactions with coumadin, so it is best to not use the formulation for your mother. However, if with your doctor’s guidance, she is able to discontinue coumadin, then Vital Cell would be very useful for her.
    With best wishes, John

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