Vital Cell And Improved Live Blood Analysis


I’ve had to endure live blood cell analysis every month to monitor my blood cell issues. Regardless of what I tried, nutritionally and emotionally, this issue refused to go away until I started taking Vital Cell.

After one month on Vital Cell my live blood cell analysis showed tremendous signs of improvement, and results continued into my second month. Finally, after three months on Vital Cell my live blood cell analysis was near perfect, with no further signs of blood issues. I’m 70 years of age and very grateful to the Chinese doctor who developed this formula (and to you for making it available).

Thank you again.

Ruth K.
Bowdon GA


  1. [Note: Rouleaux formation occurs when red blood cells form stacks or rolls. This is an unhealthy state because the cells are not free to absorb and carry oxygen. Rouleaux formation may be due to the presence of high concentrations of abnormal globulins or fibrinogen. This formation of the red blood cells is a precursor to many serious conditions, including infections, inflammatory and connective tissue disorders.]

  2. Can taking 600 mg of fish oil once a day help rouleaux formations? I have high globulins, fibrinogen, and rouleaux formations. Since fish oil is a blood thinner, taking too much could obviously not be a good thing.

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