Vital Cell And Diabetes


As a long-term sufferer of Type II Diabetes and high blood pressure I’ve found your anecdotal reports of lowering blood pressure levels with Tango very intriguing. In addition to diet and medication, the last five years I’ve tried natural supplements to improve my condition. I’ve come to believe that the Chinese trumped “modern medicine” hundreds of years ago and wonder if you have any products that can help to regulate blood sugar levels? If not, I would suggest you contact your Chinese associates to see if they have anything — I would certainly try it.


David E.


  1. Dear David,

    Thank you for your very interesting letter. Your observations about traditional Chinese formulas are certainly astute. Even more interesting is that today modern Chinese herbal researchers are improving on their tradition by incorporating modern scientific processing and testing protocols. It is this new family of enhanced formulations that we carry, such as AllerPhase, OsteoPhase and FemmePhase, that in many cases supercede both traditional Eastern and Western formulas.

    Currently we are evaluating two very promising formulas for Type II diabetes that promise to effectively control blood sugar by reducing insulin resistance. If you are interested in participating in one of our product evaluation groups please let us know.

    As to your current needs, in addition to the two formulas currently under evaluation we have just introduced a new formula, Vital Cell, that increases blood circulation by repairing the body’s capillary net and improving blood flow. Improvements include a reduction in blood pressure, which is as much a problem of congestion in the peripheral tissues at the level of the microcapillaries as it is stiffening of the arteries — a concept universally overlooked in Western medicine. Vital Cell can help in resolving much of the damage wreaked upon the circulatory system by diabetes. Many diabetics already take this formula in China for that purpose and get invaluable assistance even when using insulin or other drugs to control their blood sugar.

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    Director of Product Development

  2. Dear Tango,

    I am interested in becoming a participant in one of your product evaluation groups. My main health concerns are my severe osteoarthritis, (which is life-altering), I am pre-diabetic, and have high blood pressure. I am currently re-ordering “VITAL CELL” as my last trial showed improvements, but I was on so many other products, both natural and pharmaceutical, that I wanted to see if it truly was the Vital Cell, (which I suspect it was).
    Thank you,

  3. Dear T,

    Any time you make noticeable improvements with a remedy, you should continue that remedy as you have chosen to do with Vital Cell.

    That formula improves blood circulation, which is important for osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and borderline diabetes.

    We did choose one of the formulas from our product trials for blood sugar support and it is available as MetaPhase from Tango Advanced Nutrition. So, currently we are not conducting any trials.

    However, as your stated main concern is severe osteoarthritis, the Tango formulation for joint health is ArthriPhase. That remedy has been outstanding for our customers and has proven to be life-altering for many of them in a positive way. It works well with Vital Cell and the main herb in the formula, Gastrodia, exerts a mild blood pressure lowering benefit.

    Add that in to your regimen and see how all of your numbers change before adding MetaPhase, which should work very well for you, if you wish to include that formula at a later date.

    With regards,

    John Steinke, LLC.
    Director of Product Development

  4. Dear Sir;

    I am currently taking about 110 units of insulin per day. I also have problems controlling my blood pressure. I would love to try MetaPhase and VitaCell. Are you involved with any clinical trials? Do you know anyone that is conducting clinical trials on these products?

  5. Dear Mr. Shanklin,

    There are currently no trials nor planned trials of MetaPhase and Vital Cell. We do have physicians who use both products in their practices. Many diabetics on insulin do use both formulas as nutritional support and see excellent results. They are both dietary supplements and are taken in support of improved health, MetaPhase for pancreas and blood sugar support and Vital Cell for blood circulation support. If daily use of these supplements improves your health, that is a good time to review your medication use with your physician, including your insulin use.

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