Vital Cell – A Naturopathic Perspective


I am writing this letter to commend you on your product, VitalCell. As a Naturopath I have tried everything possible for a patient of mine who has endured almost two years of leg cramps in his calf muscles. All tests had shown no cardiovascular issues. His EKG, ECO cardiogram, blood pressure, PAD test and blood tests all came back normal.

After starting this patient on your Vital Cell, very soon there were no leg cramps in the morning. This patient experienced seven straight days of restful legs. On the eighth he had a slight cramping, but from that moment on no leg cramps in his calf muscles have been reported. I feel that all physicians should be made aware of Vital Cell and endorse it for all of their patients whenever the need arises.

Thank you again for a great product that is helping our patients.


Bruce E. Lahey, ND

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