Vital Cell Use, Side Effects After Ablation Treatment


In September I went to a clinic in Germany that specializes in heart arrhythmias and underwent ablation treatment. After surgery my doctor prescribed Flecainide (2 x 100 mg), Bisoprolol (1 x 5 mg) and Warfarin.

I returned to the clinic in November for a check-up. Test results were positive and the doctor decided took me off Warfarin and to cut my Bisoprolol to 2.5 mg per day.

After receiving your quick and informative e-mail I started to take 3 capsules of Vital Cell a day. I have had only good reactions and would like to know how long I should continue taking Vital Cell and for how long. Since most pharmaceuticals have side-effects some friends have commented that since Vital Cell works so well it must also have side effects. How would you comment that?

Kind regards, Jan V.


  1. Dear Jan,

    Vital Cell is a nutritional herbal supplement that you can and should take for the rest of your (long!) life.

    The formula is designed to improve the quality of your blood and counter the effects of aging. It does not have side effects because it’s effectiveness comes from the gentle action of the hundreds of nutrients in the herbs. Think of it as a daily super food that you are eating to restore and protect your health. You can continue to have your doctor monitor your progress and change or reduce your drug medications as necessary.

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    Director of Product Development

  2. I am currently recovering from having 3 fractured ribs, 1 fractured finger and a hairline tibia fracture.
    Would taking herbal boost and vital cell help in my recovery?

  3. Hi Mike

    I’ve moved your query to a post of its own, but the answer is below, as well.


    Dear Mike,

    A good combination to take for healing all of your fractures is OsteoPhase and Herbal Boost. I recommend 2 capsules of OsteoPhase and 1 capsule of Herbal Boost 2 times per day for 2 months. That should provide you with 25-20% faster healing than without the supplements. You do not need to take both Vital Cell and Herbal Boost as they overlap somewhat in function. Herbal Boost contains more herbs useful for fracture healing than Vital Cell.

    See this link for a short article on why this combination is so effective for fractures:

    P.S. I was a fracture specialist during my 20 years of active practice as a sports medicine acupuncturist, so have seen this combination work countless times.

    With regards,

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    Product Specialist
    Tango Advanced Nutrition

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