Monday, August 15, 2022

M.D. Reports Improved Bone Health

I have been using OsteoPhase for four years. I started taking OsteoPhase after I had been diagnosed with bone health issues. I began taking a mixture of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, K2-7, strontium, boron, and 6 capsules of OsteoPhase daily.

OsteoPhase And Alkaline/Acid Balance For Osteoporosis

Thank you so very much for answering my query. I'm trying to make some intelligent decisions regarding the severe thinning of my bones. My bone...

Amazed With OsteoPhase, Herbal Boost And Vital Cell

When I started using your products in 2007, I had been very ill for several years. I had been unable to lie down for...

OsteoPhase Improves Bone Density Score 13% In 18 Months

Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine (WHO score -4.5) and hips (-2.5). I have been taking OsteoPhase for approximately...

OsteoPhase For Healthy Teeth, Gums

A male patient of mine in Susanville, CA, has been taking your OsteoPhase bone formula for some time now. Last Friday after his appointment with a dental hygienist in my building, she commented that she was amazed at the bone growth in his teeth and the improvement in his gums since his last visit 6 months ago.

London Client Pleased With OsteoPhase

After I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of my spine and hip at the Royal Free Hospital, London, they treated me with calcium. When they gave me a bone scan, it showed a very slight improvement, so they told me to increase the daily calcium dose. Once again, after twelve months' treatment they gave me another bone scan showing marginal gain, but I felt my body was becoming clogged with all this calcium while showing very little improvement in correcting this condition.