Thursday, July 25, 2024

‘Pollen Vortex’ Cause of Worst Allergy Season Ever?

Winter is over and everyone should feel free to retire “snowpocalypse” and “polar vortex” from their vocabulary. If letting go of these buzz words...

Feedback On 3 Years Experience With AllerPhase, ImmunoPhase And Vital Cell

Well, it’s been three years now that I’ve been taking AllerPhase, ImmunoPhase and Vital Cell. This is what I’ve discovered. AllerPhase has eliminated my sinusitis...

Corticosteroids Not Effective For Treating Acute Sinusitis, Study Suggests

Corticosteroids, frequently prescribed to alleviate acute sinusitis, show no clinical benefit in treating the condition, according to a randomized controlled trial published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Customer Surprised With AllerPhase® And ImmunoPhase®

I first heard about AllerPhase and ImmunoPhase through my dentist. I bought the products with much speculation, basically to shut him up. I had the product in my cabinet for about 2 months and had not taken any of them. I have struggled with seasonal issues associated with molds and cedar pollen for 42 years.

More Feedback On AllerPhase Relief, Lack Of Side Effects

Allergies have interfered with my life for many years, and I have tried countless remedies. I have also done allergy testing and a program called BioSet, which was very expensive but did help. However, the allergies still come back in the Spring and Fall, so I try to use whatever homeopathic remedies that work somewhat...

Increase In Allergies Is Not from Being Too Clean, Just Losing...

A new scientific report out October 3 from the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH)[i] dismantles the myth that the epidemic rise in allergies in recent years has happened because we're living in sterile homes and overdoing hygiene.

AllerPhase® User Reports “Enormous Difference”

I first heard about your product, AllerPhase, from an article in HSI that said it would only take 25 to 35 minutes to work. They were exactly correct, as I felt an enormous difference right then. I now take 2 caps in the morning and 2 in the night, and I feel perfectly good. This is substantially better than taking allergy shots.

AllerPhase Improves Symptoms Of Meniere’s Disease

I recently spoke to your customer representative, Lily, and I was raving about your product, AllerPhase. I have suffered with periodic bouts of Meniere’s...

AllerPhase® Helps Reader Breath Freely Again

I have really bad allergic reactions to all of the perfumes and chemicals found in lotions, hairspray and, aftershave. I simply can't be around any those products and need to have fresh air. The only way I can cope with this problem is to stay in my own room, away from other people, or to carry oxygen bottles with me...

AllerPhase Relieves Discomfort Aggravated By Smoke

I wanted to let your readers know how well AllerPhase works for me. After years of suffering non-stop from seasonal irritations aggravated by smoke (we have a wood burning stove), my nose ran and I sneezed all the time. I tried HistaBlock from Nature Sunshine, and nothing worked at all.